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West Gippsland Eight Ball League

Constitution of WGEBL


The name of the League shall be THE WEST GIPPSLAND EIGHT BALL LEAGUE. The term “League” used hereinafter means THE WEST GIPPSLAND EIGHT BALL LEAGUE unless otherwise specified.


$30 weekly fees are to be paid via EFT at the halfway point of the season and prior to finals, otherwise teams will forfeit. Exemptions cannot be made unless they are voted on by a full committee comprising one (1) delegate from each club. No other exemptions to be allowed.


1. No clause in the constitution shall be altered, amended or repealed without the consent of a 75% majority of the members present at an annual or extraordinary meeting called of which seven (7) clear days notice in writing shall be given and such notice to contain particulars of such alterations.


1. (a) A proposed alteration, amendment or deletion to a rule/s must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary of the League.
(b) The Secretary upon receipt of proposed alteration, amendment or deletion to a rule/s must give all clubs seven (7) clear days notice of the proposed notice of motion in writing before the annual or extraordinary meeting.


1. (a) The annual meeting of the League shall be held four weeks prior to the start of the coming season. An income and expenditure statement shall be presented to each person present at the annual meeting. (b) One delegate of a club in attendance, he shall have the right of one (1) vote on each issue. (c) No attendance by any club at an annual meeting shall mean they are ineligible to play that year. (Unless a New team Registers within 14 days of the AGM)


1. (a) A quorum shall consist of Secretary and eight (8) members of the League.
(b) In the event of the President and the Vice President being absent from a meeting, the members shall elect a temporary Chairman for the duration of a meeting until the President or the Vice President arrives.
(c) Voting shall be by show of hands, unless a secret ballot is requested by a member (one) of the meeting.
(d) The Chairman shall hold the balance of the power in the event of a “Deadlock”.
(e) All accounts and correspondence are to be presented to the members and all outgoing correspondence shall be in duplicate.
(f) Non-attendance at a General Meeting shall see offending team issued with a $50 fine.


1. A signed letter of application by the Publican/Hotel/Premises owner agreeing to all playing terms and conditions as directed by the executive committee must be presented to the Secretary fourteen (14) days prior or post the AGM. The Secretary shall then inform all teams of any such application for approval prior to the start of the Season.

2. The consent of a 75% majority of the existing teams is required via a one vote per team ballot at an annual general meeting before new teams are admitted into the League.


(a) The office bearers of the League shall be:-

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Administrator

(b) Office bearers shall be elected at the Annual meeting except in the case where an office becomes vacant during the season, in which case, the position will be filled at the next General Meeting.

(c) The President and Vice President in that order, shall chair meetings except Executive meetings (unless elected by the Executive).

(d) The Secretary shall carry out all general correspondence and directions given at meetings of the League and keep all minutes and records. In addition, he/she may be requested at any time to supply a list of members of the League.

(e) The Treasurer’s duties shall be:

(i) To receive and pay out all monies.

(ii) To keep a record of all receipts and payments.

(iii) To present a financial report at each General Meeting.

(f) The Administrators role is to collate and record all team results on a weekly basis.  They also complete the weekly ladder which is to be updated on the league website and emailed to all team Captains. Other duties include checking the weekly score sheets for new players to ensure they have been registered.


1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and administrator..
2. A quorum of three (3) is required to hold an Executive Committee Meeting.
3. The Executive Committee will act on behalf of the League in all urgent business regarding:
(a) Discipline
(b) Disputes
(c) Any other business which a member club/s decides should be dealt with by the Executive Committee.
4. Reports on all business discussed at the Executive Meeting will be presented at the next General or Annual Meeting of the League.
5. At the first meeting of the Executive Committee after the Annual Meeting, a chairman shall be elected for the ensuing year.
6. The Chairman will hold the balance of power in the case of a ‘Deadlock’.
7. In the event of the Chairman being absent from an Executive Meeting, a temporary Chairman will be selected by the members of the committee for the duration of the meeting, unless the Chairman arrives.
8. All persons other than the Executive Committee members shall be excluded from the Executive Committee Meetings, unless requested to attend by a three-fifths majority of the members.
9. All decisions made by the Executive committee shall be final.

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