Constitution of WGEBL

Constitution of WGEBL


The name of the League shall be THE WEST GIPPSLAND EIGHT BALL LEAGUE. The term “League” used hereinafter means THE WEST GIPPSLAND EIGHT BALL LEAGUE unless otherwise specified.


$25 weekly fees to be paid at General Meetings, otherwise teams will forfeit. Exemptions cannot be made unless they are voted on by a full committee comprising one (1) delegate from each club. No other exemptions to be allowed.


1. No clause in the constitution shall be altered, amended or repealed without the consent of a 75% majority of the members present at an annual or extraordinary meeting called of which seven (7) clear days notice in writing shall be given and such notice to contain particulars of such alterations.


1. (a) A proposed alteration, amendment or deletion to a rule/s must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary of the League.
(b) The Secretary upon receipt of proposed alteration, amendment or deletion to a rule/s must give all clubs seven (7) clear days notice of the proposed notice of motion in writing before the annual or extraordinary meeting.


1. (a) The annual meeting of the League shall be held four weeks prior to the start of the coming season. An income and expenditure statement shall be presented to each person present at the annual meeting. (b) One delegate of a club in attendance, he shall have the right of one (1) vote on each issue. (c) No attendance by any club at an annual meeting shall mean they are ineligible to play that year. (Unless a New team Registers within 14 days of the AGM)


1. (a) A quorum shall consist of Secretary and eight (8) members of the League.
(b) In the event of the President and the Vice President being absent from a meeting, the members shall elect a temporary Chairman for the duration of a meeting until the President or the Vice President arrives.
(c) Voting shall be by show of hands, unless a secret ballot is requested by a member (one) of the meeting.
(d) The Chairman shall hold the balance of the power in the event of a “Deadlock”.
(e) All accounts and correspondence are to be presented to the members and all outgoing correspondence shall be in duplicate.
(f) Non-attendance at a General Meeting shall see offending team issued with a $50 fine.


1. A signed letter of application by the Publican/Hotel/Premises owner agreeing to all playing terms and conditions as directed by the executive committee must be presented to the Secretary fourteen (14) days prior or post the AGM. The Secretary shall then inform all teams of any such application for approval prior to the start of the Season.

2. The consent of a 75% majority of the existing teams is required via a one vote per team ballot at an annual general meeting before new teams are admitted into the League.


(a) The office bearers of the League shall be:-

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Administrator

(b) Office bearers shall be elected at the Annual meeting except in the case where an office becomes vacant during the season, in which case, the position will be filled at the next General Meeting.

(c) The President and Vice President in that order, shall chair meetings except Executive meetings (unless elected by the Executive).

(d) The Secretary shall carry out all general correspondence and directions given at meetings of the League and keep all minutes and records. In addition, he/she may be requested at any time to supply a list of members of the League.

(e) The Treasurer’s duties shall be:

(i) To receive and pay out all monies.

(ii) To keep a record of all receipts and payments.

(iii) To present a financial report at each General Meeting.

(f) The Administrators role is to collate and record all team results on a weekly basis.  They also complete the weekly ladder which is to be updated on the league website and emailed to all team Captains. Other duties include checking the weekly score sheets for new players to ensure they have been registered.



1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and administrator..
2. A quorum of three (3) is required to hold an Executive Committee Meeting.
3. The Executive Committee will act on behalf of the League in all urgent business regarding:
(a) Discipline
(b) Disputes
(c) Any other business which a member club/s decides should be dealt with by the Executive Committee.
4. Reports on all business discussed at the Executive Meeting will be presented at the next General or Annual Meeting of the League.
5. At the first meeting of the Executive Committee after the Annual Meeting, a chairman shall be elected for the ensuing year.
6. The Chairman will hold the balance of power in the case of a ‘Deadlock’.
7. In the event of the Chairman being absent from an Executive Meeting, a temporary Chairman will be selected by the members of the committee for the duration of the meeting, unless the Chairman arrives.
8. All persons other than the Executive Committee members shall be excluded from the Executive Committee Meetings, unless requested to attend by a three-fifths majority of the members.
9. All decisions made by the Executive committee shall be final.


WGEBL Points System & Player Rankings

WGEBL Points System

Teams ONLY permitted to field 32 points per round but can have as many points registered as they wish.

Player rankings will be based on their last 2 years results in the WGEBL or previous history in other cue sport events.

10 Point Players

  • Players with an average % of 75% or above over the past 2 years
  • Any new player who has played at the top level in the DDPL, EDPL, MMPL or made the final 40 in any Cue Sports State Singles Titles in the last 5 years

9 Point Players

  • Players with an average % between 65% and 74.99% over the past 2 years

8 Point Player

  • Players with an average % between 55% and 64.99% over the past 2 years
  • Any new player who has played at the 2nd level in the DDPL, EDPL or MMPL or the top level in any other league in the last 5 years
  • Any Existing player who has played at the top level in the DDPL, EDPL, MMPL or made the final 40 in any Cue Sports State Singles Titles in the last 5 years

7 Point Player

  • Players with an average % between 50% and 54.99% over the past 2 years
  • Any new player who has played in any competition pool league in the last 5 years and isn’t ranked as a 8 or 10 point player

6 Point Player

  • Players with an average % under 50% over the past 2 years
  • Any new player who has never played competition pool.

# Players can only play in the WGEBL if they reside in the district boundaries. This boundary is from Mornington, Cranbourne, Narre Warren, Upper Beaconsfield to Malacoota

# If a current existing player resides outside the district boundaries or moves outside the boundaries they can continue to play

# If a player has not played 2 seasons or played at least half of the frames available in the previous season they will be ranked on their experience as per their previous competition playing history

# If a player doesn’t play at least a 3rd of the frames available in the current season with the same team they will not qualify for finals

# If an existing teams points increase the following year they can keep the exact same team until that team wins 2 Premierships within a 4 year period. If this occurs they must abide by the maximum team points as per any other team

# If a team forfeits an individual players position then the forfeited position will be given a ranking of 6 points for that round

# The maximum points for any team are 32 points

# If a team plays a round with over 32 points at any stage they will Forfeit the Match

# Ranking points for any individual player cannot drop by more than 1 point between seasons. The only acceptation to this is when a 10 point player has completed their 2 years as a 10 point player they can drop to 8 points if their results over the 2 years warrant it.

All members must complete a registration form and answer truthfully the questions about their previous playing grade (this will be checked). The captain must sign to verify the registration form has been filled in correct, fully and truthfully. If it is found that the registration form has been completed untruthfully (mistake or otherwise) then that player will forfeit all points and these points will be granted to the opposition player for all rounds played. This player will then be banned from being a member of WGEBL for a period of 3 years from the end of that season.




Important Notice To Members
  1. FEES

a) Match Fee – $25.00 per team each round

b) $30 player registration – due before the 1st Late player Rego’s will be $40 per player

c) Teams participating in finals must be fully financial before the finals series or they will not be eligible for the finals.

d) In the event of a match forfeit the forfeiting team is to pay both teams $25 match fees ($50).

e) If a team is short of players on a night, they have the option to register a 6 point “Fill in Player” for the one (1) match only with NO registration fee payable. The player still needs to complete and sign a Player Registration Form which needs to be sent through with the score sheet for the night. The team’s total points must remain within the team’s maximum points cap. If the fill in player ends up playing more than the one match with the same team then the appropriate player registration fee is to be paid. This is limited to a maximum of 2 fill in players per team each season and only one fill in player can play per match.


a) A team will consist of four players with up to 2 reserves over the age of 18, total 16 frames

b) A player is bound to a club after registrations close on the completion of the second round. Players must have played a minimum of a third of the total seasons frames available to qualify to play in finals.

c) Late registrations or transfers after round 2 at discretion of committee.

d) If a player moves from one WGEBL team to another they are required to complete a transfer form. This is to ensure the player has paid all their dues to the outgoing team.

e) Scoring: The scoring system is 4 points for a team win, 2 points for a Draw and 0 points for a loss plus 1 frame for each a win and 0 frames for each loss.

f) Team Forfeits: In the event of a forfeit (less than 3 players available to play on the night) 4 points and 10 frames will be allocated for the winning team and the 4 players listed on the score sheet of the winning team will receive 2 wins from 2 frames. No individual Frames or Team Points will be allocated for the forfeiting team or in the event of a Bye. Any team who forfeits on 2(two) or more occasions during a season needs to write to the Executive Committee (14) days prior to the AGM of the following season requesting permission to field a team for the new season. This letter is to detail the circumstances which resulted in the forfeits and what the team has changed to ensure this will not occur again.

g) Captains are to list their full player positions on both they’re and the oppositions score sheet prior to the start of the first frame. The first frame is to start at 7.30pm. If the first game has not started by 7.45pm then the team at fault shall forfeit that frame 1-NIL. If the second frame has not started by 8pm then the team at fault shall forfeit the match. If a player is not present at the time their frame is ready to commence they will forfeit that frame. (Once a frame has commenced the Normal 2 minutes between frame rule applies). Individual Captains do not have the right to agree to have frames played out of turn to give a player time to turn up for their frame. If a player forfeits a frame due to being late they can still play their remaining frames if they arrive in time for their other frames.

h) Substitutes – If a team captain wants to substitute a player, they are to advise the opposing Captain within 2 minutes of the conclusion of the previous frame in which the substitution is too occur. Player substitutions can occur during all rounds.

i) Any “NEW” 6 Point player has the option to ask for their Captain/Vic-Captain “up to 3 Times” during any Home & Away Frame for clarification on a “Rule or Strategic Advice” on the frame being played at the time. The Player must ask the Umpire to call their Captain/Vic-Captain. The player still only has 60 seconds to complete their shot. The Captain & Vice Captain for the night are to be listed on the Score Sheets with a “C” and “VC” before the frames commence.

j) If a venue is closed or needs to close before the end of a match between two teams the following is to occur; –

  • Before halfway point of the match both team Captains need to reschedule the remainder of the match to a different date within the next 2 weeks or if a date and time cannot be agreed upon it will be deemed as a draw.
  • Over halfway point of the match if a team is 2 or more frames in front, they win the match or if the match is within 2 frames it is a draw. (Individual player frames will be based on the frames played at the time)

k) Dress Code. Home and Away – Uniformed shirts with collar are to be worn. Fill in Players are not required to wear a team shirt. If a team does not have team shirts after round 4 a $50 fine will be payable by the team. If a player could not get their shirt due to work commitments or other instances outside their control a fine will not be forced. All teams are representing their venues and should support their venues with the wearing of their team shirts. Shirts being forgotten or not being worn consistently by any team will result in a fine which will be enforced.

l) Final Sides to have uniformed shirts with collar and black slacks (no denim) and black shoes (no runners). Players not adhering to dress code in finals will be ineligible to play.

m) A player must play a minimum of half the season’s total frames plus one frame to qualify for any League or Team Trophy.

n) Mobile Telephones. Players and Umpires involved in a frame in the playing area are required to have their mobile phones turned ‘off’ during the actual period of the frame. Also, phone ear pieces of any kind are not permitted in the playing area whilst the player/umpire is involved in a frame. If a mobile phone is used in any way other than turning the phone off (e.g. making a call, texting or answering a call) during this period the following penalty will apply: –

  • Player in control – Penalty – loses control of table (1 visit opponent)-
  • Opposing player not in control – Penalty – 1 additional visit to player in control
  • Umpire from team in control – Penalty – players loses control of table (1 visit to opponent)
  • Umpire from opposing team not in control – Penalty – 1 additional visit to the player in control.

o) Both Team Captains must sms a clear copy of the completed and signed score sheet to the administrator by 5pm the following day. Failure to do so will incur a   $50 fine payable to any executive member within 14 days of offence.


Table practice prior to each final. The higher ranked team shall have possession of the table for practice between 7.00pm and 7.10pm. The lower ranked team shall also have possession between 7.10pm and 7.20pm. Each final shall start at 7.30pm sharp.

4. W.G.E.B.L Interleague Team Selections

a) An Interleague Team of 9(nine) players is to be selected to represents the League at both the Warragul Interleague day and the Pool Vic Interleague day.

b) The Captain of the Team is the previous seasons Best Player.

c) In the event where the Captain is not available the Runner-Up Best Player from the previous season will be Captain

d) A maximum of 2(two) players from any team can be selected to play.

e) The administrator is to supply an up to date list of the top 20 Players of the League at the time of selection along with their results and contact details.

f) The Captain is to select their preferred team from the best players at the time of the interleague match and put it forward to the executive committee for approval.

g) The Captain is to contact the players to confirm their participation

h) If any player cannot play the Captain can choose a replacement player from the top 20 players at the time. (If this results in more than 2 players per team it is acceptable at this stage)

i) The League will supply shirts for the team and $20 per player to be used for food and drinks if not supplied by the venue hosting the event.



2020/21 Final Series

W.G.E.B.L. 2017-2018 Final Series


# 1st (Minor Premier) goes straight to the Major Semi Final

WED – 21/04/2021

Qualifying Final

2nd on Ladder V 3rd on Ladder

Elimination Final

4th on Ladder V 5th on Ladder


FRI – 23/04/2021

Major Semi Final

1st on Ladder V Winner of Qualifying Final

Minor Semi Final

Loser of Qualifying Final V Winner of Elimination Final

# Winner of Major Semi Final goes straight into the Grand Final


WED – 28/04/2021

Preliminary Final

Loser of Major Semi v Winner of Minor Semi


FRI – 30/04/2021

Grand Final

Winner of Major Semi Final v Winner of Preliminary Final


WED – 05/05/2021

Singles Handicap Competition

# Players ranked 2 or more points lower than their opposition will get a 1 frame start. They only need to win 1 of the remaining 2 frames. (Higher ranked player is deemed as winning the toss and can choose who breaks first)

Best of 3 frames – $10 Entry – Prize money based on number of Entries

Presentation Night – Either FRI 7th May 2021

# Presentation Night Details will be confirmed at our Mid-Season General Meeting